Homes Now, Inc. Parent company of the below and developer of special needs and affordable housing.

Stafford New Home! .

$170,000.00 Moderate Affordable Housing
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Affordable Housing Opportunities for Veterans and Their Families .

Homes Now Tudor Village, Inc. currently has two-bedroom income restricted apartments available for rent.  These units are available to qualified applicants whose combined income meet affordable housing criteria.  

Township of Stafford New Construction Affordable Housing Opportunities .

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: New single family spacious 3 bedroom/2 bath homes with attached garage for purchase in Stafford Township
Applicants MUST meet Affordable Housing qualifications.

Brick Township Affordable Homes .

Since 1993, we have constructed 36 single family (3 or 4 bedrooms -1 or 2 bathrooms), detached low and moderate income affordable homes, including four four-bedroom, two bath homes for intellectually disabled individuals.  We have transferred ownership of these four homes to The ARC of Ocean County.

Chambers Bridge Residence, Brick. December, 1999 .

184 low income apartments for low/mod seniors (55 and over) and a set aside for 8 3 br/3 bath apartments.  Click here to learn more.

Dottie's House, Brick. March, 2001 .

Named in honour of my mother, Dottie's house provides seventeen 2 and 3 bedroom apartments offering long term (2 year) housing and program services for women and children survivors of domestic violence.  Click here to learn more.

Tudor Village, Brick. October, 2013 .

Twelve one and two bedroom apartments for the intellectually disabled and veterans.  Click here to learn more.

Beachview Residence, Atlantic City .

Partners with RPM Development, Montclair, NJ.  Under construction with an anticipated opening date of late August, 2015.  58 Apartments for low income seniors with a set aside for 17 intellectually disabled.  Click here to learn more.

Single Family Dwellings, Brick .

To date, we have built and sold approximately 35 single family dwellings for low/mod income families, including 4-bedroom group homes.  About to begin construction on two additional     4-bedroom group homes.  Click here to learn more.

Stafford Township .

Under contract to the Township to Construct 10 low/mod single family homes, 2 4-bedroom homes for intellectually disabled and possibly a larger facility providing veterans housing.

Group Homes .

Homes Now has built more than 200 deed restricted affordable housing units resulting in almost 300 COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) credits, including 4 four-bedroom group homes for developmentally disabled individuals.

Sycamore Ridge, Pennsauken .

We are the non-profit partner in a 400+ tax credit complex who has just recently applied and received FHLB funding and additional tax credits.  Click here to learn more.