What people say about us

I am writing in praise of your staff who work diligently to provide many with the "American Dream" — ownership of an affordable home. As you know, we had the honor of being chosen through your Affordable Housing Program's random lottery drawing. We say this with the utmost pride and joy. Homes Now made it possible for my husband and I to own an affordable home which, under normal circumstances would not have been possible due to lack of finances. When we look at our house we don't just see a house...we see a home, and we cannot thank you enough!

About Us

Homes Now, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation providing affordable housing and services to communities throughout the state of New Jersey. Our primary mission is to enhance the lives of those who live within these homes and to contribute to community development through a caring public and private partnership. 

Christine Hofmann, Executive Director

Casey Duffy, Assistant Execuive Director